Dr. Laura Banty

Dr. Laura Banty grew up and received her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and chemistry in Charleston, South Carolina. In her spare time you could always find her on the beach, surfing and playing beach volleyball. Everybody always told her she was a Cali girl. She earned her DMD degree from the Medical University of South Carolina in 2013. After dental school, Dr. Banty was accepted into an advanced general dentistry residency with an emphasis on pediatric dentistry in Ventura, California. After the residency program, she moved to Boston and practiced in an exclusively pediatric dental practice for 2 years. Dr. Banty finally made her way back to sunny southern California the summer of 2016. Dr. Laura Banty began practicing with Dr.’s Lempert, Saltz and her staff in the summer of 2016. Dr. Banty has a love and passion for kids of all ages. She takes extra time and care with her patients to make sure to create a safe, compassionate and comfortable environment while providing quality care. As you can imagine, when Dr.Banty is not at the office, she is surfing or hanging with her husband and dog, Lucy.